Kara Biography

Kara Hayward was born to John and Karen Hayward on November 17, 1998 in Massachusetts. She is the oldest out of two children. When she was young she acted in her first play during summer camp, and it was there that she discovered a passion for acting. 

She found out about a open casting call for Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom (2012) from her dance teacher, and figured it was something she wanted to try. After the open call she got a phone call, asking her if she wanted to meet Anderson, and after she met up with him, she got a call saying she won the part of "Suzy". Kara received critical acclaim from her performance as "Susy Bishop" and received numerous of award nominations. At this point she was just 12 years old.

In 2012 she won the role as Emily in Caryn Waechter's feature film The Sisterhood of Night. In 2013 she widened her field and appeared in episodes in both Law and Order: SVU and White Collar. She still did feature films though and later filmed Quitters and Fan Girl. In 2015 she landed the role of Silvie in Kenneth Lonergan's Manchester-by-the-Sea, opposite of Michelle Williams and Casey Affleck.

She is currently residing in Andover, Massachusetts, and is attending High School.