Aug 1, 2017

It's time to get super excited people, because now you can finally see Georgie new short film Paradise!

Sadly we haven't reported enough about this on the site (we've been lazy… we know), but most of you still probably know about the short film Georgie filmed together with the The Sisterhood of Night director, Caryn Waechter in LA last year for the short film competition Straight 8. The film was not allowed to be edited and was shown to Georgie for the first time on July 9th this year.

After the competition is done, Straight 8 uploads it online for the rest of us to see, and now they've finally done that! Check out the stunning film, directed by both Caryn and Georgie - in which Georgie also stars and narrates!

paradise - a straight 8 film by caryn waechter & georgie henley from straight eight on Vimeo.