Thank You For Supporting TIDE

Oct 17, 2016

Each and everyday we're getting one step closer to the release of Georgie's upcoming short movie TIDE. And for those of you who where kind enough to help them out during their Kickstarter fundraiser, you are soon to be rewarded!

Over a year ago, TIDE successfully raised over £3,000 with the help of 52 backers. We happened to be one of them. As a thank you we were sent a video featuring Georgie and Ella Duffy (who played one of the leads in the film) personally thanking us for our contribution and continuous support, and we figured we would share the video with all of you so check it out here below.

If you were one of the backers of TIDE you should be receiving your reward soon, and if you're like us and have received a video: please, upload it to youtube or a similar site. We would love to see the as well!