Georgie Henley: Birthday/Graduation Project

Mar 27, 2016

It's once again time for our annual Birthday Project! However, this year it's going to have a little twist. As some of you may know, this is the year that Georgie graduates from Cambridge University, and it happens to fall around the same time as her birthday (give or take a few weeks). So we figured that we would combine the two: a Birthday/Graduation Project!

Once again we are doing a scrapbook (last year we weren't able to send one due to few submissions), and it will feature letters, birthday greetings, and congratulatory messages from all you fans. Anyone who wants to join is allowed to, all you have to do if to follow these rules: 

  • The letter must be in English.
  • It may not be longer than 150 words.
  • You must sign it with a name, username, or other alias.
  • Keep your message positive (obviously, since it's a birthday message).
  • Submit your message before June 1 

To submit your message, please send it to our email, or DM through our Facebook and Twitter page before the deadline. Also, most of you probably know about Georgie being on Twitter now, but please, we ask you not to tag her in any messages or posts about this project since we want it to be a surprise!

We hope lots for you will join us in making this present for Georgie, and if you're a fansite owner: email us to find out how you can get your site's name included!