Varsity Introducing: Georgie Henley

Feb 26, 2016

Cambridge University's independent student newspaper, Varsity, published today a interview with our very own Georgie Henley as a part of a new feature called "Varsity Introducing". She talks to Joanna Taylor about life after Narnia, Cambridge theatre, and what she wants to do after graduating.

We also found out who took those mystery headshots Georgie shared with us awhile back; a Bristol based photographer by the name of André Pattenden, and lucky us, we got one more photo for the shoot! You can find it in our gallery.

 Here are some snippets for the interview, this first one is about keeping in touch with the Narnia cast.
In terms of keeping in touch, we’re all doing different things but, whenever we can see each other, we do. We spent so much time together that we genuinely are so close. It’s great, I love them so much.
She also talked about whether or not she wanted to continue acting after graduation.
I want to continue acting, but also being given the freedom to write and direct in Cambridge has been amazing and made me realise that it is something I want to pursue.
Check out the rest of the interview at Varsity to read about Georgie's upcoming short movie Tide, and what kind of projects she wants to work on next.

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  1. Awwwhhh I wanna see pictures of them all together NOW. I loved them all so much and still do! They are all still to this day some of my favorite actors and actresses!!! <3