Welcome to Henley & Hayward

Nov 24, 2015

This has been a long time coming, over a year's work and planning, but now it's finally here. A combined site for Georgie Henley Life and Kara Hayward Online!

Before you start to wonder what kind of changes this means for our site, don't worry, not much will change. All it really means is that now we have combined space to post the latest news containing Georgie Henley or Kara Hayward. Some of you might think this will be annoying, that you're only looking for news about one of these girls - again, don't worry. We're keeping all our separate social network accounts; GHL will still have its Twitter and Facebook accounts up and running, and so will KHO. We will only post news updates concerning each girl on their respective account - in other words: if it's a story about Georgie, we won't announce it on any of KHO's networks. So as long as you follow the desired account you'll be fine.

As if all of this wasn't enough, we have also launched a new gallery! We're still adding photos from past events, but we hope to have most of it done soon!

We hope you'll enjoy our new site!