Access All Areas

Sep 11, 2015

We have the most exciting news ever; Georgie has landed a new film role!

Accourding to Screen Daily and Vulture Hound Magazine, Georgie is set to star in a upcoming film called Access All Areas, directed by Bryn Higgins, and she will be playing a character named Nat – a close friend to the main characters, played by British actors Ella Purnell and Edward Bluemel (also represented by Hamilton Hodell). Thanks to Vulture Hound, we even have a synopsis what the movie is about!

Heath (Edward Bluemel) is a young man trying to keep it together.  Shackled by his wildly unpredictable mum, he can see no way out of his dead-end urban rut.  Mia’s (Ella Purnell) home is a war zone, so she does what all teenagers do in that situation: she parties every night and refuses to come home.  But something has to give, and music is their only escape.  When Mia steal’s Heath’s moped, it catapults them along with their best mates, Leon (Jordan Stephens) and Nat (Georgie Henley), on a road trip out of the city and across the water to a magical music festival that will change their lives.  Assuming, that is, they can get hold of some tickets and they make it to Sunday night alive.
Isn't this exciting! Filming has already started at the Bestival (a popular music festival in the UK) and after it will move to Bristol for five weeks of shooting. You who follow Georgie's upcoming project TIDE on twitter will know that she tweeted a few days ago that she would be at Bestival. Well now we know it was for more than just a fun time! Stay tuned for more news and hopefully photos!

Also, don't forget that TIDE's Kickstarter is still up and they still need donations before they reach their goal. So if you're able, and you want to help support Georgie, please donate to their Kickstarter (they have some awesome rewards for those who do), any amount will help!