Tide - a short film by Georgie Henley

May 20, 2015

Georgie has a new project going on, but this time, instead of being in front of the camera, she will be behind it.

Georgie is set to direct Tide, a short film exploring love, loss and companionship. As if directing it wasn't enough, she also wrote the script for this story and we are excited to see what is to come of it. By her side, as both cast and crew, she has several of her fellow Cambridge students, many of whom she has been working with before in various theatre productions at Cambridge. We wish them all good luck with the upcoming filming and editing!

Fans can follow the development of the project on their Twitter, Facebook, and through their very own website. I would like to remind people to not spam any of these account with various questions to Georgie. It's not 100% that she is the sole administrator of any of the accounts, and even so, people should stick to questions about the project rather than anything else. Remember to be respectful!

Once again we wish Georgie and the rest good luck, and we look froward to see the development of this exciting short film!


  1. Yeah, what Javad said. I don't have Twitter and can't get an account on there. Is there any other way I can contact her? Email or Facebook or something??