Birthday Project 2015

May 13, 2015

It's once again that time of the year, the time to start our Birthday Project for Georgie!

Our past projects have been highly successful, and we hope that this year will be no different, even if we come off to a late start. Due to this, this year's project won't be anything too extravagant, we are simply going to revisit the idea of our first ever Birthday Project and make a scrapbook filled with fans' birthday wishes to Georgie. I'm sorry to say to those who wished to make graphics or send of photo of themselves with a birthday greeting, sadly this year, again due to lack of time and a printer, that won't be possible. This time we can only settle for short letters and birthday wishes. The scrapbook will then be packed up and sent to her agency in London, and we hope they then deliver it just in time for her birthday.

Here below are the requirements/guidelines for your birthday messages:
  • The letter must be in English.
  • It may not be longer than 150 words.
  • You must sign it with a name, username, or other alias.
  • Keep your message positive (obviously, since it's a birthday message).
  • It must be a written message – no photos. 
All and all, it's pretty simple. You just write her a nice message which you then send to us in one of these four ways:
  • You can send it to our email
  • You can tweet us the message (remember Twitter only lets you use 140 characters (not words)
  • You can send it to us through Facebook
  • Or simply leave it in a comment below
 Please state clearly that your message is meant to be included in our project when sending them to either one of these options, and please send in your submissions before June 25!
Also please share this amongst your friends if you know they, like the rest of us, are a fan of Georgie! We really hope we can get a lot of submissions for this project because there's not much point to it if we only get 10 letters or something like that. So share it! And we look forward to see what you come up with.


  1. Georgie happy twentieth birthday today on July nineth two thousand fiveteen. You are almost a adult female women at this very second. I send lots of love right now and the long run.

  2. Dear Georgie
    You are amazing. For a long time ago I watched Narnia and I love this movie so much. Your so cute in this movie. I hope you Birthday will be great and you enjoy the moment you realise how much we all love you. Smile everyday because: A day without a smile is a lost day!
    Wish from Leandra

  3. Dear Georgie, it's been amazing seeing you grow up little by little into the beautiful woman you are now (and even more exciting since I discovered we were born in the same year!). I wish that this new birthday bring you lots of joy and that your 20 years come along with new experiences and above all, happines. Best of lucks in your professional and personal projects. Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love from Argentina, Florencia.