Georgie attends the Atlanta Film Festival

Mar 28, 2015

Almost a year after we've seen Georgie at any form of event, and now we finally get to see her lovely face again.

Attending the screening of her new film The Sisterhood of Night, Georgie graced the red carpet at the Atlanta Film Festival on Friday, March 27. This is just one out of several festival screenings Sisterhood has had so far, and the first on Georgie appeared at. Joining her on the carpet was director Caryn Waechter, screenplay writer Marilyn Fu, and a few of her co-stars; actresses Kara Hayward, and Willa Cuthrell, and actor Evan Kuzma.

The Sisterhood of Night is set to release on April 10 for limited screenings across the US, and will also be released on VOD – for all our US readers: the film will be available on Amazon Instant Video. There is still no word about international release but we will keep all you non-US readers (such as ourselves) updated about any change.

All photos from the event can be found in our gallery.

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  1. She's so gorgeous! When I first saw the photos she literally blew my mind away! I can't wait to see the film! I hope it shows in my country New Zealand :)