Freestyle set to release The Sisterhood of Night

Jan 24, 2015

The Hollywood Reporter brought us rather exciting news this past Wednesday by publishing an article concerning the release of Georgie's new movie The Sisterhood of Night.

According to the article, Sisterhood had been picked up by the distributing company Freestyle Release, and has set the set a theatrical and VOD day-and-date release for later this year. This is not the first time Freestyle handles the distribution of a movie based on a Steven Millhauser short story; in 2006 they handled the release of The Illusionist which is based on Millhauser's story Eisenheim the Illusionist. In a released statement (also found in the THR's article) Freestyle's president Mark Borde called Sisterhood a bold independent film, and went on about how the it spotlights today's social media culture that plays on gossip and some of the unwanted consequences it can cause. It is rumoured that Sisterhood will have it's US premiere on April 10th, but we won't get an official announcement about the release until next month. International released will be handled by K5, but so far there are no information about any theatrical release overseas.

Also thanks to THR, we have two new stills of Georgie, both have been added to our gallery, as well as a still released by one of Sisterhood's production companies, Cine Mosaic.