Sisterhood of Night Release Date

Sep 20, 2014

Today we received some exciting news about Georgie's upcoming movie Sisterhood of Night; the movie had been selected to be the centrepiece in the Woodstock Film Festival! This will mark the world premiere on the movie and we couldn't be more excited! There will be two screenings of the movie and fans can buy tickets to both of them here, tickets are $12 for the first screening on the 18th October and $10 on the 19th. Woodstock Film Festival is held in New York City, in Kingston (where the movie was shoot) and its surrounding areas.

It's unknown if Georgie or any of the other cast members will attend to any of the screenings or make any other appearance at the festival, so far only director Caryn Waechter and screenwriter Marilyn Fu have been confirmed for a Q&A, but we can always hope.

In addition to these wonderful news we ever got two stills; one of Georgie and one groupshot of the girls, you can find them both in our gallery. Hopefully this also means that a trailer for the movie isn't far away and I will keep a good look-out for it and any other production still from the movie.


  1. When the worldwide release date?

  2. @Anon: There is none at the moment. I'm afraid that these two dates are the only thing we have so far. Also please remember that this is a indie movie which means there might not be a worldwide release, it might just be selected locations. It all depends on how well it does.