Birthday Project 2014

Apr 7, 2014

Time really moves fast! It is now only four months left until Georgie turns 19 years old, and that means it's time to kick start our annual Birthday Project! As you might remember our first project was a scrapbook with your letter and edits that we sent to Georgie, last year we raised enough money to send her a necklace and a custom card. This year it's a little different though. This year we going with a little theme: things we love about Georgie Henley.

It sounds simple right? All you really have to do is send in a reason why you love Georgie. We do ask you to try to be original, don't just say you love her because of her smile or because she's a good actress. There's always something more to it, not only superficial things. Maybe you have a good memory that somehow connects with Georgie and that's why you like her, or maybe she inspired you in some way. Those are the things we want you to send in!

The deadline isn't until June (date will be announced later) so you will have plenty of time to think of something and send it in to us. There are multiple ways to send it to us. You can always leave it as a comment here or one of our other posts (but then make it clear that it's for the birthday project), you can post it on our Facebook wall or send it to us through our Twitter. Of course you can also send it to us via email, if so we ask you to send it to and make sure that it's spelled correctly and has a .se and not .com.
We hope you guys send something in so we can give Georgie an awesome birthday gift!