Perfect Sisters: Poster and Release date

Feb 20, 2014

It's been nearly two years since Perfect Sisters finished filming, and now we finally have both a release date and a new poster.
full poster below
So far the only release date we have is the 11th April this year (only a few months away!) and that's a limited release in USA and Canada. We know of a few cities and will show the movie during a limited time so I suggest that you keep an eye out for Perfect Sisters among the lists of films at your local cinema. IMDb has listed international release at any time from April to June, bear in mind that this does not include all countries and so again: look on your local theatre site!
According to the movies official twitter (please follow them if you have twitter!) we can expect a trailer sometime in March and hopefully more still or set photos! Though for now we will have to settle for the amazing new poster.