Georgie responds to our 2013 Birthday Project

Oct 11, 2013

After the quick reply last year, I had nearly given up hope of hearing anything from Georgie regarding our Birthday Project (it also made me a little worried that she might not have gotten it). However, today when I got home I got a pleasant surprise when the return letter sat on the counter waiting for me. The letter included a handwritten card by Georgie (it's actually the same type of card we got last year) and two signed photos. You can read what was written in the letter here below.
Dear Linnea, Alexandria and everyone else at Georgie Henley Life,
Thank you so much for your lovely birthday wishes  and the beautiful present you sent me! I had such an amazing birthday and it was made all the more special with your continued well wishes. Turing 18 is such a milestone (especially in the UK) and I'm so grateful to you for continuing to support me as I get older.
Thank you for constantly making sure that your site is so respectful, I really appreciate it how you do what you do!
I'm so excited about going to Cambridge and continuing to pursue acting, and I can't wait for you to see Perfect Sisters and The Sisterhood of Night - hopefully you'll really like them!
Thank you again,
with love from Georgie Henley
So there you have it people. Sadly we didn't get any news about any projects or anything like we got last year but we're still happy and grateful that Georgie answered us!


  1. Sooooooooooo great!!! :)

  2. Hi Alex,

    I like your site very much. I'm a Georgie fan like yourselves but have never been on here before. Skangie from kindly suggested that I should thank you for you reporting the news that she was in a play last week that I did see although I can't see the play post on your website. Georgie was excellent in it, spendid and superb performance, indeed. Had Skangie not been broadcasting the news then I would have missed out, she also said that I owe you the praise for the exclusive information. I would very much like to thank you for your World Exclusive and I will frequent your site from now on if that's okay?

    Kind regards


    I'm a great fan of her... I really love her ♥
    wouldn't you like to promote my fan page?

    PLEASE *-*