Acne Paper and Launch party

Oct 23, 2013

Finally, after two years, Georgie has attended a real public event! On the 17th October, Georgie attended the launch party for Acne Paper's 15th issue - The Actress. Sadly it seems like we only got one picture of Georgie from the event, but hopefully we'll get some other photos in the future.

As we got the news about her appearance, we - the other admins and I - started to wonder if Georgie might have been featured in the magazine, thus explaining why she would choose to go to such a small event. Acne Paper is a minor magazine that's a part of the Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios, and they only publish about two issues a year. I went to my closest Acne store and bought a copy of the new issue and sure enough, Georgie appeared in a the magazine's spread English Roses. It's mostly just a photo, no new news or anything. I scanned the magazine so that you all could see it but sadly, even though it didn't say much, the full text didn't fit on the paper. I have, however, written out the full text here below.

Georgie Henley had always been interested in craft of acting, but didn't imagine it could have taken her as far as it has. "A casting director for the Narnia franchise came up to Yorkshire and filmed me talking about what I had for breakfast," she recalls. "Eighteen months later, I had my first role as Lucy Pevensie." Starting out so young, it was a great help to look to those around her for inspiration. "I've learnt everything I know just from working with other talented individuals," she offers, "and being on the same set as people like Tilda Swinton and James McAvoy was a immeasurably valuable experience for me as a young actor." Despite her early start, one of Shakespeare's greatest female roles have always appealed. "In terms of dream characters to take on, Shakespeare's Cleopatra would be a formidable role to play; her line 'Now from head to foot / I am marble-constant' is a heartrending portrayal of grief." And more contemporary inspiration? "Marion Cotillard and Jessica Chastain have been a huge inspiration to me, they are chameleons but always have an innate sense of elegance and grace.
And here you have the photo of Georgie from the magazine, and as always, Georgie looks gorgeous! Hopefully this event and the photo shoot will be the start of more news to come!