New Sisterhood Still

Sep 29, 2013

Today, Emma from Georgie Central made a rather exciting find. She discovered a new production still from Georgie's movie the Sisterhood of Night on their website. They released a few new stills from the movie but only one of Georgie. I have to say that the photo looks interesting to say the least.
Sadly I can't get the picture to stop putting a screen filter over it, sorry.
Doesn't Georgie simply look amazing? Hopefully this means that they will released more photos or information about the movie release soon.

Also, because of the fact that I'm in London at the moment and I haven't had any internet expect on my phone, I haven't been able to update about Perfect Sisters.
Deadline reported that Osiris Entertainment launched a new distribution company Paragon Pictures, and that Perfect Sisters got picked up by Paragon and is now aiming for a February release in 2014. Hopefully we'll have a more exact date soon.