A-level results and University

Aug 15, 2013

Today, students all around the UK received their A-levels, and Georgie was one of them. Georgie attended a lunch at her school before receiving her marks around 10am, and it looks like she studied hard for this one, Georgie took three subjects and received an A* (the highest mark) in History and A (second highest) in English Literature and Latin. We are all very happy for Georgie and of course we are very proud of her as well.

We also found out about Georgie's university plans. Apparently she has been accepted to Cambridge University and starts in sometime during autumn, however, it is unknown which college she has applied to (it was never stated) but a few months back a Cambridge student tweeted about giving Georgie directions to Pembroke College (the same college as Skandar Keynes is attending). If she has applied to Pembroke or one of the other colleges will probably be confirmed later. Fans can read an article in the Daily Mail where Georgie talks about her grades and about her staying in school, you have to scroll down a bit though. Now there is another question, will Georgie continue acting while being in uni? As we all know, both Skandar and Anna Popplewell chose to put their acting career on the shelf while completing their education at their respective university. In the article linked above, Georgie talks about that she wants to continue acting but knows that it will be hard juggling both her university life and her acting career. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things play out.

So far I've found four images of Georgie receiving her marks and they have all been added to out gallery.

Edit: Apparently Daily Mail have removed the interview with Georgie. We don't know if there is something wrong with their site or if they have any other reason for removing it, though the pictures are still up.

Image: Ross Parry (via Daily Mail)

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