Stills from Sisterhood!

Apr 12, 2013

Western-Woods, a Tumblr blog that's run by my friend, posted today an edit of Georgie from the Sisterhood of Night! She told me before that she had a surprise for me but I did not expect this!
She linked me to a site that is run by Abigail "Abby" Benavides, the Art Director for the Sisterhood, and there I found seven pictures of Georgie. One of them you probably recognise since it's from the same scene as the one Kal Penn posted a few months ago.

I've added all the pictures I found to our gallery and hopefully we'll see more pictures and such from the Sisterhood. And if you're on Tumblr and not following Western-Woods I strongly suggest that you do, she is an amazing photo hunter and has helped me out many times.


  1. You are really...... Cute and Sweet Girl....... I hope U always better act..........

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  2. If Georgie receive this comments I would like to say that I'm a thirty two year married lady that I've seen all the Narnia movies. My mum use to say my little sister Blanch was like Georgie when she was a child, so Georgie you remember me my little sister and I love your last movies. I hope you will be a good actress. I like you're a Cristian girl. Me too. See you! Bye!

  3. My sister age today it's 18!!! like youuu!