Georgie for Handsome Badger

Mar 18, 2013

Georgie's oldest sister, Rachael Henley (who played the older Lucy in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), launched her new knitting website, the Handsome Badger - a webshop where you can buy handmade knitted accessories.
Rachael (plus a male friend) models all the pieces herself, but looking through her gallery I found three pictures were Georgie models for her! She snood she is wearing was specially designed for her, but people can the same snood for £80.
I've uploaded all three photos in our gallery and you can find a link to Rachael's website and such further down.

Who knows, maybe we'll see Georgie model a few more of her sister's designs.


Rachael Henley's website (and the Twitter & Facebook that goes along with it) is not a way for you fans to ask her questions about Georgie. This is something she does as a source of income and you should respect that and not spam her with questions about her sister.

Credit: Robbie Kay, the Handsome Badger - Twitter & Facebook


  1. Ohh she's sooo gorgeous!! I recognize that jacket/coat she is wearing (she wore it at the Japanese Narita International Airport in 2011) and I also notice she's wearing the same shirt she had on when she got her GCSE results! haha I can't wait to see more!! Her hair looks shorter too. :/

  2. Georgie! you're great actress. Me and all my family really appreciate you!! Pilar from spain