BGS - We Will Rock You

Mar 24, 2013

Apparently there had been a school production of the musical We Will Rock You, a musical based on the songs of the famous British rock band Queen, and Georgie had a role in it!

We Will Rock You is a futuristic tale which tells of a massive corporation, Globalsoft, which sends computer generated music to all of the people on the planet. Singing, musical instruments, and any expression of creativity, are banned. But Lost Texts are known to exist which talk of music from years gone by. A group of rebels (the Bohemians) strive to discover the lost music, and bring down the corporation. The two heroes, Galileo and Scaramouche, discover musical instruments buried in rock, which they use to vaporise the head of the corporation (The Killer Queen), and send the Power Of Rock around the world to free the masses, enabling them to be musically creative once again.

Georgie had the role of Scaramouche, one of the leads. I checked BGS's Flickr page and they had uploaded pictures from the show, and I found four of Georgie! There are some more but you can't see Georgie's face (the only reason I recognised her is because of her clothes) and in others I'm not sure if it is her or not… But I have uploaded the pictures were I am 100% sure it is Georgie in our gallery.

 On an other note, I am going to make a Birthday Project this year as well. We are going to use the idea that was suppose to be the Christmas Project. My friend and I have ordered a sterling silver necklace with a pendant that says GH, we use the money that we raised last year and hopefully the necklace will be done within the next two weeks. We are also planning on putting together a MEP video (a video that consists of several videos that are up to two minutes long). I will post more about the project later this week.

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