New Sisterhood picture [UPDATED]

Dec 30, 2012

I got a surprise when I opened my mail the other day. A girl named Gemma sent me behind the scene picture of Georgie (and Kara) from the Sisterhood of Night set. I don't know what her source is (she said she wasn't a part of the production), but I've sent her a email and I'll try to look around to see if I can find it myself.

I have also updated our gallery! There are some new pictures a little everywhere (mostly in Events and Productions). So check it out.

UPDATE 26/6 -13

After receiving a comment from a girl who I believe is Georgie's friend (the account was made two years ago so I assume it wasn't fake) and after thinking it over for about two minutes I decided to remove the pictures from the Christmas ball. Understanding that the girls do not want their face to be public and also remembering that the school has actually never mentioned this event or ever written about it, making it an event that really shouldn't have been known if someone hadn't contacted us about it. Though the photos from the WWRY production are still up, firstly because the school and its headmaster have mentioned it several times (and publicised it in a news letter) and uploaded the photos on a public site which they linked to from their official website. But I will of course take up the question with the other admins for the other sites about this (if we should remove those as well or if they are fair use).

If someone from BGS or someone in close contact with Georgie feel that they have something to add about it, or if you want to tell us why you don't think the WWRY wouldn't be fair use you can contact me on this address:
We will not save or distribute any address or publish any comments you make unless you want us to.
[I removed the comment in order to stop the girls names from coming out]


  1. Can I make the SOTN pic my profile pic on Twitter? I'd cut out the other girl tho

  2. Me again, Hanna,

    I have imagined my self there at a hotel in London. Georgina. I randomly hope that we meet and clique.

    I do see myself at that table with them eating, drinking, smiling, and having a great time with all the people there then in the pictures.

    I have heard her voice when I think about her and before her voice was that way which is know is that way. I do not know, but I know she is my best friend (if what my ideas of Jesus said are actually true which I doubt not, but you never know what the devil tricks in).