Georgie's new movie? [UPDATED]

Oct 20, 2012

Remember when Georgie sent us her response to our birthday project? Where she wrote about the fact that we would see her in a new acting project soon. Well it seems that that project might have surfaced now.

Two people on Facebook (Greg Rac and Amy Hutchings) have both posted the following on their timeline. 
THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT, an independent Feature Film starring Kal Penn (The Namesake, Harold & Kumar), Georgie Henley (The Chronicles of Narnia), and Kara Hayward (Moonrise Kingdom) will be shooting in Kingston October 28th-December 5th! […]
Everything seems to be legit but I did just ask if Georgie had been cast on the movie's official Facebook page and I also sent an email to the people in charge of the movie. For now we'll have to wait and see but the chances are good!

UPDATE 10/24

I would say that it's more or less official now that Georgie have gotten the part! Even if they haven't published anything about it like they have with some of her co-stars, they are now looking for a stand-in for Georgie and why do so if she wasn't a part of the project. 

Oh and I also noticed that people wondered what kind of movie this is, if it's like Narnia or like Perfect Sisters.
This movie is a drama about a modern-day version of the Salem witch trials that touches the hot-button issues of gossip, social networking and cyber-bullying. So I wouldn't say that it's like either of them, but it's not like Narnia. It's probably going to be darker.


  1. Will this be a children's movie like the Chronicles of Narnia? And is the tiltle The Sisterhood of the Night? It sounds pretty mysterious to me...

    From GHFan4Life

  2. Seems like a horror movie......

  3. I do not think it is going to be darker maybe, in some ways.