Christmas Project?

Sep 7, 2012

It's already September and the months will just fly by.
Since I'm going to travel to New Zealand by the end of the month (I will still be able to update the site) I have to know if you guys want to have a Christmas Project for Georgie this year, I have to know now since I have a lot to take care of in that case before I leave.

I wouldn't be the one holding the project, that would be my good friend Linnea, but I'm making the instructions on what she needs to do.
We have already stated a pool to raise enough money to get Georgie something, we where thinking of a necklace with her name on it. And thanks to some generous people we already have more than enough. The first question is then; Which design? One with "Georgie" written on it or one with just her initials, "GH".

The second question is; if you do want a Christmas Project, how do we get you guys involved?
We're not making another scrapbook since I won't be back in my home country until late November and Linnea has school to worry about.
So do you have any ideas on how to get involved? All ideas are welcomed!

We want to hear from everyone as soon as possible.


  1. Hi Alex!

    My idea for the project is you've got more money for other things beside the necklace right? What if we send you small ideas that can go with the necklace to Georgie? Like maybe matching earrings ( if she wears them, I'm never sure ) or something that she really likes? Hope this idea helps!

    From GHFan4Life

  2. GHFan4Life is right! Maybe we should do maybe a gift card for a store she likes like Urban Outfits!!! :D :D :D

    Hannah Miller/Hunna Noel Putland/Hanna Hope Mortez

  3. GHFan4Life and Hannah,

    This is a quality necklace and will be have to made from scratch. We have money for that but not for a pair of earrings as well. And gift cards can not be bought in Sweden to work in the UK, I don't know how your countries do it but that's the way it is here.
    And the ideas I was looking for was something YOU could do and be in on. If I just use the money we raised here in Sweden it won't be personal from anyone outside of Sweden.

  4. What if we send her a letter saying she should check out this blog (she doesn't need to comment) and read the comments we publish for her?

    From GHFan4Life

  5. GHFan4Life,

    That's still not personal, or the type of project that I want. I don't want to take a chance and hope that she will go and check out the blog. There's a good chance she won't. And she would also be able to see everything people write here and some might leave a comment that speaks negatively about Georgie and I don't remove those because it goes against what I believe in, that people should be able to write what ever they want on the internet even if I don't agree.
    The only time I remove comments is if they are spam or they harass other people over and over.

  6. What if through the blog's email we send different designs for the necklace? They could be put together to make a gorgeous Georgie necklace. You could send a Merry Christmas card to Georgie with the story about how we did it. I know it's very similar to my first suggestion but with everyone's help it could be amazing! Even if it's made out of scratch.

    From GHFan4Life

  7. GHFan4Life,

    That's not going to work either. A complete customised necklace will cost more than the previous design. The design with Georgie's name or initials have a firm price no matter how long the name is. The price of a complete customised will be determined by the material that's used and it could be outside our price range.
    It has to be something that comes from you. Forget all about the money, I'm not going to ask our contributors for more even if they could easily spare it.

  8. How 'bout you simply put a extra note in with the necklace that has the names of those who commented, and want to wish her a merry christmas, though it would mean everyone would have to leave their names.
    I'm doing a christmas project too at GeorgieHenleyRocks. (I don't mean to steal people for your Christmas Project!

  9. I don't know if this will work, but I have an idea.
    We each send in a picture of ourselves holding a sign(simply a piece of paper) that says something like "Merry Christmas Georgie!" BUT in the language from the country you live in. Decorate the paper however you want, put little quotes here and there, but make sure the Merry Christmas (in whatever language) can be seen easily, as well as your face. Then Linnea can just print them out or send them in some way.
    I don't know if this will work, but I just thought I would give out that idea!! (:
    P.S. The person sending the photo can also decorate it any way they want, as long as it doesn't over power the photo.

    ~ @NarnianCastle96

  10. know where to send the gift to georgie henley