Perfect Sisters update

Aug 11, 2012

After some time I managed to get a still from Perfect Sisters with better quality than before.

And as we all know by now, Perfect Sisters was not accepted for Tiff.
But do not worry, according to the director we will see it soon.

So at least we know they are working on getting the film into another festival.
I've also uploaded screencaps from the Perfect Sisters clip that was shown on Beat TV. You can find them all on our Facebook.

Also I found a little surprise for you when I watched Gossip Girl, I'm sure you remember that I got to see Perfect Sisters with two other admins and I remembered a song from the film that was also used in Gossip Girl, so now I finally got to know what it was called.
I tried to upload it to Youtube but it got blocked in over 200 countries! But it can be found on our Facebook.