Perfect Sisters still and poster

Aug 21, 2012

Just this morning the official twitter account for Perfect Sisters gave us a new Perfect Sisters still!

Also the twitter account is using the now official and complete Perfect Sisters poster!
Remember that we were asked not to distribute the previous poster and that it was only used for private matters? This one looks nearly the same, it's the same pictures but the text and size has been changed so this is the finished product, so this one should be ok to distribute.
If you compare it to the first one you will see all the differences.


  1. I love the poster!

  2. I do not like the poster @ all! It is SO UGLY!!! D: D: D: Doesn't work for the film, too!!!!

    Hunnah Putland/Hunnah Hope Mortez/Hunnah Miller

  3. Hanna,

    What do you mean "it doesn't work for the film"?
    The poster has a dark and dramatic feel to it which shows you that this isn't some tacky teen-comedy like the name might suggest.
    After seeing the film I don't think they could have done a better poster. And all the fan-posters that have been made up until today look more or less the same since all of them have made in dark and dramatic.

  4. I love the poster! ....And is 1georgieHenley@ on twitter is a poser of Georgie????
    one of the Georgie's fan in S.KOREA

  5. Anonymous,

    Yes @1georgieHenley on Twitter is a poser. She is not the real Georgie Henley.

  6. How can you tell if it's a poser or not?

  7. Catherine,

    Just by the fact that Georgie does not have Twitter or Facebook, and has said so many times.
    We also have it confirmed now in a letter from her that was sent to us (I'll post it soon!).

  8. Thanks for letting me know:)