Perfect Sisters

Jul 2, 2012

I just had an amazing opportunity together with Skangie and Emma!
We got to see a pre-screening for Georgie Henley and Abigail Breslin's new movie Perfect Sisters.

The movie opens with Sandra [Abigail Breslin] narrating who in all her life it has just been her sister and herself, and it swifts to the whole family driving to their new house in a car. Sandra, who is the older sister have taken the role as the mum of the family and really takes care of her mother and both her siblings, this really reminds me of Breslin's role in My Sisters Keeper, and she really believes that their mother will make an effort to be their mum again. Beth [Georgie Henley] meanwhile has a rather negative attitude towards her mother and doesn't seem to believe that she is capable of change.

When I watched it I couldn't understand how these two girls would kill their mother when - at some points - they seemed so loving towards her. The real problem begins (the way I see it) when their mother's [played by Mira Sorvino] new boyfriend comes into the picture.

The performance of Breslin was like I said before; it reminds me for her role in My Sisters Keeper. But she still shows a possibility to act both calm and - for the lack of a better term - hyperactive and crazy, these are not bad things. I remember an interview back when Breslin's movie New Years Eve came out and she was asked what she thought about flashing her bra on-screen. That was just a few seconds, while in Perfect Sisters she shows no modesty, not necessarily a bad thing either. She really pulled off what I expected Sandra to be, a crazy (wild) girl that really wants to be noticed for the things she do. Some scenes where she was supposed to act frustrated could sometimes feel a bit forced or late (that she reacted slowly) but nothing that really bother me.

Georgie Henley played the younger sister Elizabeth (Beth) and I can tell you right now, she is not the little girl from Narnia anymore. She who played Lucy Pevensie, a rather bright and happy girl, now transformed herself to a negative girl who had problems believing that things could change for the better. Henley's character is in the beginning more enthusiastic about the plan to kill their mother than her sister, it is she who makes jokes about it with their friends and doesn't really take the whole thing seriously. Henley's performance in the movie really shows that she is capable of playing other roles and not just that cute little girl who found Narnia. When I first saw her I hardly recognised her and her British accent could hardly be heard. I think this is going to be a break through for Georgie's career because this really shows what she is capable of. Because what I saw at the screen wasn't the actress Georgie Henley, it was Beth the girl who had just helped murder her mother.

The scene that really got me was a scene when they separated Sandra and Beth it was so powerful. The releations between the girls were so real that for a moment I thought they where going to break the arms of the men that were holding them back. They screamed for each other and it was so real. That was the part in the movie where I thought I was going to cry. You feel sorry for the two girls, which isn't wrong even if they are murders. You watch them in the beginning asking yourself "why would you kill your mother?" but over time you start feeling for them because they only have each other and now people are trying to break them apart.
It's not just a movie about a murder, it's a movie about family and sticking together.

The editing of the film was amazing and you will not be disappointed.
Another fun thing to see was how they used pictures from both Breslin's and Henley's previous events and photo shoots. I noticed that in a scene at the headmasters office a picture from one of Abigail Breslin's photo shoots where on Sandra's folder (as her school picture), in another scene where Beth is holding a fake id you can see that it's a picture from the Alberta Ferretti fashion show Georgie went to last year. Also, as Skangie pointed out to me, there was a family home video in the movie of the two girls when they where young which actually was a video of Rachael and Laura Henley (Georgie's older sisters!).

As for the rating, that the company doesn't seem to have decided yet, I would say that in my personal opinion this movie is not for those younger than 15! The foul language (that really exits in many conversations through out the movie) and the sexual themes are really not something to be taken lightly if you have a problem with themes like this. The smoking or drugs and cigarettes also happens often so I say again; if you are younger that 15 and sensitive about these things, you shouldn't see it. If you can't handle themes like this and you still are 15 or older I suggest that you don't watch the movie until you can handle it. It's not to be taken lightly.

But I'm thinking that fans won't be disappointed in this new movie with Georgie Henley and Abigail Breslin. I can say myself that this is the best film I've seen in awhile.


  1. What do you think the movie will be rated? I really want to see it, but I'm 14.

  2. @Mary Beth: Well I really don't think that it will be PG-13, if you're luck maybe, but given the fact that both me and the admin at "Skandar and Georgie" thought that 13 would be too young for this film.

    All the characters use foul language through out the movie, Georgie's character gets sexually abused, drug use and alcoholism happens regularly and also the attempt in suicide two time, once by cutting in ones forearms and the other with pills.

    So I still say that PG-13 might be a little too young since I know that USA are quite hard about these contents.

  3. Wow, Pretty cool that you got to see the pre-screening.

  4. :)
    Still sounds like an awesome film!
    guess i'll just have to wait till next year when I'm 15

  5. I would totally agree. I wish I was part of it to make it seem even more and etc.

  6. I love what you said about Georgie's performance!

    My favorite paragraph I quoted in my review: "The releations between the girls were so real that for a moment I thought they where going to break the arms of the men that were holding them back. They screamed for each other and it was so real."

    Thanks for noticing Breslin's ID! How did I miss that? I guess I wasn't paying attention. :P

  7. I'm not 15 yet but I still want to see this so bad! Abigail ad Georgie are both great actresses! When I'm old enough I want the DVD and watch it SOOOOOOOOOO badly!
    From GHFan4Life

  8. Georgie is sexually abused?!!!
    I can't watch it till next year. I lvoe them both they're amazing actresses :)

  9. When is it going to release.. I am in India and desperate to watch it. But I can't find any dates or else related to it??????

  10. @Anon 31/8: The only thing we have so far is that it will be released in late fall or early winter, and as far as we know that only applies to North America. When the film will be released in India, or if the film even will be released in India is unknown.

  11. I love this Article! It seems like a real Horror film or something. I can't wait to see Georgie! But I'm 14, so i'll probably get it out on dvd when i'm older. Do you think it'll be shown in New Zealand? I'm from New Zealand (next to Australia) And I really want to see more of Georgie! ALso, when is Perfect Sisters coming out? Everyone says it's 2013... but I haven't seen a trailer or anything yet... just pictures :) :(
    Love this article! Keep up this webpage please!