Happy 17th Birthday Georgie!

Jul 9, 2012

It's now officially July 9th in England and that means that it's Georgie's birthday!
Happy Birthday Georgie!!!

Also if you have any questions you want to ask the director for Perfect Sisters, Stanley Brooks. Read this by Skangie,
The production team for “Perfect Sisters” (2012) has offered to let me, Emma (Georgie Central), and Alex (Georgie Henley Life) interview director Stanley Brooks (IMDb) via email. This may be our only chance before the TIFF premiere, if the film is accepted in August.
I already have a short list of questions. However, I want to know what my readers are interested in asking Mr. Brooks as well. So please leave a question or two in a comment below!
So send in your questions!


  1. For the director.

    Are you guys going to do a second film?
    Is the film going to be like a horror film?
    What type of stories do you like to do for films?
    Did you met Georgie Henley and Abigail Breslin?
    What where the girls like to be around?
    What would you say about Georgie & Abigail that most people do not know about them?
    What are Georgie & Abigail really like off film meaning there personality and who they really are (not as professionals)?

    Hannah Miller/Hannah Putland

  2. For the director: I was wondering when will we see the film?

    For the website: When will we see the slide show for Georgie Henley's birthday for the people who sent her stuff for the slide show???

    Hannah Miller/Hunnah Putland

  3. @Hannah: I can tell you know that they are probably not making a second film because this is that sort of film that can't have a sequel.

    Also we are not going to ask him about the premier because we're getting quite sick of that question, the film will come when it comes.

    Website: What slide show?

  4. Hannah, I am sure he, as the director, met both Georgie and Abigail.

  5. For the director:
    When will the trailer come out?

    the editor of http://GeorgieHenleyRocks.weebly.com
    P.S. Alex said not to ask WHEN it will premeire. Can I ask WHERE it will premeire?

  6. Why do I always find out great things about Georgie Henley like when her birthday is after it happens? Well, happy very late birthday Georgie!

  7. Just try to remember Georgie's birthday is July 9th.