Georgie on a debate team

Jul 5, 2012

Georgie Henley, together with Matt Procter and Chris Casson, where happy to be one of the 12 teams that got to participate in The Great Shakespeare Debate! In the publication published by Bradford Grammar School, Georgie in her first national debating competition was confident and engaging.

And that's not all.
Bradford Grammar School did amazingly well and finish second in this national competition.

It seems like Georgie and her team mates did an amazing job and it's great too see that Georgie has an interest in debate.

We all here at Georgie Henley Life say congratulations to Georgie!

Here you have the publication about the debate from Bradford Grammar School,
This year’s Great Shakespeare Debate kicked off with a first round based on the authorship debate. Lower Sixth Form pupils Matt Procter, Chris Casson and Georgie Henley were delighted to be one of the twelve teams who reached the final round, which meant two days in Stratford-upon-Avon. The students’ days were jam-packed with workshops, debates, lectures, a performance of Measure for Measure at the RSC New Theatre and a Q&A session with the actor who played the Duke. After four gruelling rounds of debate the two highest scoring teams were announced for the final; and Bradford Grammar School was one of them! In a nail-biting final the team demonstrated their skill and flair for debating: Georgie, in her first national debating competition was confident and engaging, Chris was analytical and precise in his argumentation and Matt eloquently and powerfully summarised the debate as a whole. It was a very close call and BGS did amazingly well to finish second in this national competition!
If you want to read what else it said in the publication you can read it here (but this was the only thing about Georgie). 

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  1. Oh! Wow. I hope to here soon that she loves do some sport & music along with acting, biology, and debating. I am so jealous at the same time because I always wanted to go to BGS and do debating, tennis, singing, acting, sports, music, dance, GCSE science, GCSE art & design, GCSE technology & design, GCSE history, GCSE foreign languages, GCSE British & American language, GCSE geography, and other GCSE studies.

    Hannah Miller/Hannah Putland/Hunnah Putland & Milller