Perfect Sister has been submitted for Tiff.

Jun 14, 2012

Bob Mitchell, the author of The Class Project, tweeted today that Perfect Sisters has been submitted for Toronto Film Festival.
There isn't really one festival that's called just that but the biggest one is Tiff. (Toronto International Film Festival), so I'm guessing that this is the one that they have submitted it to. There is another one for Indie films as well and I'm keeping an eye on that one just in case.

Another quick note about Perfect Sisters; Some have read/heard that Georgie wore brown contact lenses in the film. This however is not true. My friend and I asked both Stephanie Weber-Biron and Lorraine James if it was true that she had to wear them and I got the same answer from both: She did not wear brown contact lenses. There are pictures where it might look like she has brown eyes but that is just the lightning that makes them look darker.

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  1. Man! I was so hoping that I would get to be in the film as a third sister!!!

    Hannah Putland/Miller