New photos from Georgie photo shoot

May 2, 2012

sj-allerdyce on Tumblr found quite an amazing find while browsing around on Getty Image.
She found new photos of Georgie from the Sarah Dunn photo shoot!

Sarah Dunn photographed Georgie back in 2010 together with Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes and Will Poulter when they promoted The Chronicles of Narnia: the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Here is one of the photos of Georgie, and she looks absolutely AMAZING!

Edit: I posted the other new pictures on our Facebook page check them out here


  1. I am loving that photo and the one after with that same outfit and similar photo it is so pretty! Not so happy that she has that sad eyes, but she is an actress right so. Who knows! Love you Georgie as a friend not a fan. Every person I am a fan of I always want to end up meeting them and being friends with them. Odd!

    Is Georgie Henley have a twitter called Georgie Squirt! Here is the twitter website:!/GeorgieSquirt

    Hannah Miller-Putland

  2. Georgie looks so lovely in these. God bless her on her 17th!