Georgie interviews Anna Popplewell

May 31, 2012

Like I said before, Kayleigh Caldwell wasn't the only one Georgie did her own little interview with, here is the one she did with her on-screen sister, Anna Popplewell.
GEORGIE: I'm here with Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan. She's one of my best mates.

ANNA: And you are also one of my best mates, Georgie Henley.

GEORGIE: How do you like being in New Zealand and working on the movie, Anna?

ANNA: I'm really enjoying it. I'm missing everything at home, but it's really nice being out here with such lovely people. It's like being on one giant holiday. It's great to be a part of something with such magic – both in terms of actual magic in the film and also in terms of what's going on in this production.


ANNA: Oh yeah, and Georgie Henley's all right as well.

GEORGIE: Do you relate to the character of Susan?

ANNA: Quite a lot. I certainly have some of her sense of logic, and I understand the idea of her trying to look after her younger siblings and growing up before she should really.

GEORGIE: How do you get on with the actors and with Andrew?

ANNA: It's really nice to work with William and Skandar and you, because it's like having your best friends and your brothers and sister all in one. I've never been with a group of children where we're all different ages but we all get on so well. Georgie and I have been doing scenes without the boys for a couple of weeks now and we're really missing them.

GEORGIE: Which is very unlike us, I assure you.

ANNA: The cast I really get on with – Tilda Swinton is so lovely; it's great to work with Jim Broadbent, and James McAvoy is really a great guy.

GEORGIE: We all work with Andrew in unique ways. How do you think you and Andrew work with each other?

ANNA: Well, I don't know if it's unique, but Andrew's just really easy to talk to and he usually gives us an idea of what he wants and then we interpret that and then he'll come back and say yes or that's good or change this. As a director, he allows us a lot of freedom. I'm amazed at how well he works with children. It's great to be working with a director whom I not only trust but admire as a person.

GEORGIE: How do you think the audience will react to the movie?

ANNA: I think it will be well received both by adults who know the book and by children who haven't read it. It will inspire them to read it. It's a really faithful adaptation. It will reach both adults and children on a lot of levels.
Interview and picture comes from The Official Illustrated Movie Companion for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2004).


  1. Georgie Henley is one good interviewer. I think she could be a good interviewer, model, actress (which she is), director, and etc. in this film industry!

    Hannah Miller

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  4. Wait, where were Skandar and William when they did these scenes for a couple of weeks with only Georgie and Anna?