Birthday Project

Apr 10, 2012

So since I can't say no to my little cousin, and the little weasel knows this, I have promised her and my best friend to do a Birthday Project for Georgie this year, but it will be fun!
Everyone who wants to send something in is of course eligible to do so, and everything you send in I will then put together as a scrapbook and then sent it to Georgie in time for her birthday.
The rules are rather easy,

  1. You can send in graphics, drawings, letters and even songs (if I get enough songs I will put them on a CD).
  2. In your letters, stick to English. Georgie might not know your own language.
  3. Please write some name or alias on it, if you want to include your country, all the better.
  4. Send everything to

I know it's a long time before Georgie's birthday, but don't wait to send the things in since I have to put everything together and I have little time on my hand since all my exams are starting now. So for now the deadline to send everything in is 5 JUNE
If you have any questions you can just ask on our Twitter or send the question to the email address above.


  1. How do you do this exactly? I have a mac from 2011! So confused on how to do it?

    Hannah Miller-Putland

  2. @Hanna; I have a Mac for 2010 but the computer makes no difference here. I'm going to print everything that gets sent in and put together in a scrapbook, which is then going to be mailed to Georgie's agent.