Small updates

Mar 30, 2012

So there's no new news for Georgie or Perfect Sisters. Most of them are with Abigail Breslin, and then all the interviews just mentions Perfect Sisters.
I've uploaded some pictures on our facebook page so you could check those out.

So about the other actors, I'm sure you all know that William Moseley have rapped up the work on his new film called Run and is now in Vancouver filming a new series called The Selection, where he plays Aspen who is one of the lead roles, and was lastly seen going to the cinema to see the Hunger Games together with his co-stars. William wasn't the only one who went to the same screening of the Hunger Games, Ben Barnes who is also in Vancouver filming his new film The Seventh Son.

Will Poulter's new film Wild Bill premièred on march 23th and has gotten rather good reviews from all the major film magazines. The same can not be said for Anna Popplewell's new film the Payback Season, luckily Anna had such a small role in that film so no one will probably connect her to it. Hopefully her new film the Passengers will do better. She was last seen in Los Angels.

Also check out my interview with Caroline Barnes, a make-up artist who did Georgie's make-up for her photoshoot in 1883 Magazine. She even mentions Georgie.