One step to far

Feb 6, 2012

I know I have talked a lot about posers but this time I think one of them really crossed the line.
We already know Georgie is not on Twitter, but sadly not all people do even if we have several evidence that's shows that she is not on Twitter.
And this is what Will Poulter tweeted yesterday

And yes we know he spelled Georgie's name wrong, but that it's not the important part.
Now this account GLHenley is the biggest poser account on Twitter, and she also had a little reply to Will's tweet.


Now I think this is taking it a step too far, it's one thing when the fake accounts call each other fakes but to actually call a real account that people know is real and has been on some official Narnia-sites is just a new form of low.
Not to mention she actually followed Will up until this incident, if she was real shouldn't she have known from the start?
I hope you help to raise awareness that Georgie isn't on Twitter, or Facebook for that matter.
I know some people are trying to get Abigail Breslin to also tweet that GLHenley is a poser, which might be more believable since Abigail is a verified account.

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  1. It makes sense that GLHenley is a fake account. Georgie's middle name does NOT start with an L.