Small site updates

Jan 30, 2012

How's everybody doing? :)

As I'm sure you have noticed we have changed the layout, this is a special Valentines day layout and will only be up for February, I'll remove it in March but until then…what do you think?

I've now also edited a new "Who Wears it Best?" and this time it's Georgie vs. Emma Watson, and they seem to have a rather similar taste in rings, you'll find more instructions on the "Who Wears it Best?"-page and don't forget to vote (and if you have something you want to add you can also add comments to the poll).

Lastly I just wanted to say that a friend of mine told me that someone opened the first and only "Georgie-page" on DeviantArt, sadly I haven't fixed a DA account (since I use my friend's anyway) but all you Georgie fans on DA should join if you want some Georgie-artwork ;)

1 comment:

  1. the new layout is so very cute and romantic, i could see GG liking this! :) great job!!