Jan 24, 2012

Today this poster for Perfect Sister caught my eye.
It look good enough to be real but I still feel that something was wrong about it since I hadn't seen anyone from the production company post it on Twitter or their Homepage.
So after looking over things I finally sent a message to one at the production company and a crew member, I haven't gotten an answer from the crew member but I got a message sent back to me from the production.
The answer I got back is simple… 
This has not been approved by anyone PLEASE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - THERE ARE TOO MANY TYPOS
Make what you want of it, but if it was leaked why wouldn't they just have said that and gone out with it a little earlier.

[UPDATE 18 June 2012]

After asking another member of the production company, I found out that the picture WAS made by someone connected to the production company but it was made only for internal use and was never meant to the public or to end up on the internet. It was leaked, something no production company really wants, so they ask everyone not to distribute it since it has never been approved by the legal representatives. 

I think we should respect their wishes.