Stop the posers

Dec 4, 2011

We all know that there is a lot of posers out there, many of them are on Facebook and Twitter and usually there's not much more to do than to tell people that they're fake accounts.
But now a poser have fooled IMDb.
They have listed a blog and and a facebook-account as the official sites of Georgie. We all know that Georgie have said herself that she doesn't use Facebook or Twitter (and the blog links to what they say is the official twitter-account), and the twitter-account has been up a for a while and we know it's a fake since some Georgie-sites reported that Abigail Breslin and other co-stars from the Class Project tried to convice Georgie to get a twitter-account (and needless to say this one already existed during that time).
I've already sent in a submission to IMDb explaining that they are fake sites and it would be awesome if you all could do the same.
Just go to her IMDb-page and click on official sites and click edit, after that you will be given directions and it's not hard at all.
Lets make sure that we get the fake accounts off IMDb at least.
Georgie's IMDb-page

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  1. Yeah, I just visited her "blog", and the girl posing as GG I don't think is even American! Because she talks in somewhat not good English and stuff. I can't believe IMDB made that her "official" blog. So stupid!!! :/