New news for Perfect Sisters

Dec 24, 2011

We have some new news about Georgie's new film Perfect Sisters. We just saw a retweet from Abigail Breslin on Twitter
Hopefully this means that we get to see the trailer soon!

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  1. I really wanted to be in that movie as a character! NO! I am still hoping that they are delaying to get me on set for a week to make up for a year of filming. I am hoping this is true. I will be some what disapointed, but that is ok! When Jesus wants something done he will have it done. I am just hoping I am not a burden to anyone by saying this or getting me on set! I am hoping I am going to be in the film as Caroline a sister on knownly to Beth and Sandra and the dad of Caroline's adopted christian and missionary family without knowing it and learns while dealing with the knowing what really happened at the bath tub! Also, Beth and Sandra learn that all three of them are sisters and there dad is going to take them in the missionary family! Shocking! Well! I am hoping this happens! I am just being honest! Not sure if I will get to be in the film or not, but hoping with all my heart!

    Hannah Miller-Putland