Some just gets forgotten

Nov 25, 2011

To make a movie is a big project and there is a lot to do and when it's time for the awards the main focus is of course the movie itself, then the actors, the crew workers and then the production company (and of course the director comes in along with the actors), but still there is so many things that are left out.
And even if it's a little late we still think we should give them some credit, better late than never, right?

On the 20 september the Event Awards 2011 took place at 
Camden's Roundhouse.

And among the winners that night was Beatwax, a company tha
specialise in Entertainment marketing (most of it has been for the film industry).
They won the award for Best International Exhibition, Brand Experience or Creative Event for their work on promoting The Chronicles of Narnia: the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and they did this by building something I think you all will recognise, they where the ones who built threplica of the Dawn Treader and took it to the high seas with a totally amateur crew that consisted of regular families.

*Oh, and on another note, someone asked Will Poulter if he was to appear at the Youth Rock Awards or
BAFTA kids' vote, sadly he said he wouldn't appear but he said nothing about Skandar, Georgie or Ben.

The boat they built.