Georgie Fashion!

Nov 4, 2011

I think we all can agree on that Georgie has an amazing sense of style.
She mostly wears things that's not too expensive and brands that you can get in your average shopping mall, but everyone likes to spoil themselves from time to time and Georgie is no different (which is only natural) so sometimes her clothes can cost a bit more. Now not everyone have the money to buy such clothes, so we thought we would make a little budget version of her clothes.

And we're starting with this: the To Be Adored Evelyn Dress
This dress is now sold out but I remember that it was really expensive.

Even though the dresses are a bit different from the real one they do share some similarities and I have the dress from Forever 21 myself  and you should know that it's quite cute on.

We recommend this one instead from Forever 21 and it costs $29.80 or £24.75.