Georgie Fashion! II

Nov 6, 2011

It's usally Li (as we call her ^^) who does the fashion posts, but since she isn't home and has no computer with internet with her, she sent all the info to me to upload.

Today we're going to talk about this outfit:

A cute and simple outfit.

The same shirt that she is wearing is sadly sold out, you could by this one by the same designer:
But then you would have to have $455 to spare.
But otherwise we say drop the bird and in with the wolf!
This one comes from Zara and costs $59.90
For the shorts you should take these ones for ASOS
If you can find them in your size that is.
Otherwise you could try these ones for Topshop
#1 costs £38, #2 £29 and #3 is on sale for £12